Now Look Inward (with Angela Connor)

Why So Many Black People Filter Themselves in the Workplace

August 5, 2020

As a woman in the white, male-dominated IT, web development and network administration industries, today’s interviewee has done her fair share of adopting and adapting. As a woman who is also black, that adopting and adapting evolved over the years into something much bigger: constant filtering.
In this interview, Danielle Baldwin shares some of her innermost feelings about being unable to bring her true self to the workplace, having white men consistently take credit for her work and even steal her ideas and how she has continued to thrive in spite of it all, even during the low points. 
Danielle also has excellent advice for corporate leaders on how and why they must place a strong emphasis on and commit to true inclusion. “It is an actual hard series of changes and it never stops,” she says of diversity and inclusion. 



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