Now Look Inward (with Angela Connor)

They Would Give Up and Leave or Give Up and Stay

June 17, 2020

In the first episode of Now Look Inward, Angela Connor talks to a veteran HR professional who spent 20 years in HR at a large, global company. In the interview, she shares stories and gives insight into what it’s like to witness racial disparities when you’re trying to be both a liaison for employees while also supporting the management who may be creating issues for employees, particularly African Americans. She also shares what often happened when she tried to educate some managers on how to create a more equitable environment. In a poignant moment, she unveils a truth that isn’t easy to swallow - a turning point that can occur when realizing the best thing to do is encourage an employee to take their talents and skills elsewhere. 

It’s an eye-opening interview that many African-Americans working in HR will relate to, and may even find themselves nodding in agreement. Please note that for this episode, Angela made the decision to allow the interviewee to remain anonymous so as not to affect her future employment opportunities, and to promote a more open dialogue. 

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